Dreaming of a better end of the world

Caravan SandWitch is an exploration and adventure game set in a world where alternative societies have taken over a collapsed civilization.

picture from the game 2

It is a world where mutual aid and community take precedence. It’s a kind of anti-Mad-Max where you solve problems and discover a better non-end of the world by traveling from community to community in a virtual makeshift trailer.

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About the Game

We started the development of Caravan SandWitch in 2018. At the time we were developing the game on Unity, and we were too busy with our respective studies to work on the project on a fairly regular basis. We are totally into this project so we decided to work full time on Caravan SandWitch to give this game a chance to exist, and to give players the same excitement it gives us.

picture from the game 1

Universe and genre

The world of Caravan SandWitch is based on three main axes. First, deeply human characters who somehow manage to adapt to the collapse of civilization. The aim is to show people doing their best and to question our attitude in the face of profound changes in society. Then there is the strange environment, reminiscent of a sort of rebellious Provence, where the landscapes have suffered but where the flora and fauna have decided not to let it go, to direct the gaze to the way in which they have been treated. and forcing compromises. Finally there is the mysterious retro-futuristic technology whose control is less and less assured.

picture from the game 1


The goal of Caravan SandWitch’s gameplay is to serve a sense of discovery and contemplation while leaving space to enjoy the encounters and emotions of the characters. We took inspiration from narrative games and metroid vanias to define the gameplay loops. The goal is to promote a non-linear exploration while allowing the story to move forward. The player will find himself facing challenges in the form of a puzzle limiting him in his progress. It could be physical puzzles or specific interactions with characters.

picture from the game 2

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About the Team

We are two passionnate who have been developing games together since highschool.

Adrien Lucas and Rémi Lefèvre